June 9, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Ebay Auctions Successful At Selling, But Not Usually The Cheapest Option

Forbes online this week reported on eBay’s announcement that ebay motors’ sales of cars and vehicle spares through its mobile app has increased to 2,000 and 90,000 respectively, which is impressive. The question remains, however, does ebay motors offer vehicle part consumers the very best online deals? Is this what the statistics suggest?
One of the key competitive advantages that eBay has over its competitors is its brand value, both on the street (brand prestige) and with search engines (online brand reputation, as a Google authority). Automotive consumers automatically go direct themselves, as well as are direct by the search engines, than to the competing auction sites. However the better deals can often be found through services that are not as well known, but just as reliable.

Auction sites such as car spare auctions, part of the Car Spare Finder group, offers vehicle part suppliers and UK dismantlers an online car parts, and van and motorbike parts store for just £100 a year provides users with the environment they are used to but often prices are a lot lower. Whilst eBay are claiming that the increase in online purchases using mobile applications is exclusive to them it’s not the case. The increase is across the entire mobile sales platform.

The Forbes report concluded saying: “Growing industry demand should support an increased number of listings of autos and auto parts on eBay.”

While most breakers and part dealers will have eBay accounts and make money through them as a buyer you should be aware of other sites and not be drawn in by the big names straight away