June 3, 2011 at 10:37 am

Traffic Congestion Falls As Car Maintenance And Repair Costs Rise

Statistics released by the Highways Agency has shown that people are completing journey quicker due to the drop in vehicles on the road.

Official government figures have supported this showing that only 70% of drivers now use their vehicles to commute to work. According to the Automobile Association this is the result of high petrol costs and increasing car maintenance.

A report in The Telegraph however stressed the importance of the car outside of London as a means of commuting to work.

Head of AA Public Affairs Paul Watters said: Our surveys of thousands of members show two-thirds of drivers are cutting back on car-use

“It is a sad reflection of fewer people being able to afford higher prices that those who can pay these prices are enjoying faster travel times.”

The rising cost of vehicle repair which is stifling car owners around the country is something that can be avoided, as the availability of used spare parts is soaring. It’s just as easy to find Ford Fiesta parts for newer models as it is for an older vehicle.

The most common problem being reported in the latest Fiesta is an electrical fault linked to the pedals, a simple part request form can find the parts needed to solve this problem at a saving of up to 70-80%.

Despite this Ford have revealed this week that they have maintained their position as number one in the UK car sales chart (2010) with the latest addition to the Ford Fiesta range,selling over 100,000 units, which is only slightly down on previous years.