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40, 000 People A Year Prematurely Dying

The astonishing figures comes from “Public Health England”, who state that outdoor pollution is Prematurely killing 400,00 people a year and is seen as a silent killer. This is all related to the air we breathe with cars, woodburning stoves, boilers and heating systems churning out dangerous pollutants. (more…)

 February 24th, 2016  

An Issue With Software Results In Volvo Recall

It seems that many new Volvo’s have an software fault that causes the engine to shut down briefly. Volvo have already identified the issue as related to its software and is now it starting a recall of over 7000 vehicles in the UK alone. The problem is only apparent in certain diesel models such as S60, V60, XC60, V70 and XC70. (more…)

 February 22nd, 2016  

Are We Staying In The European Union Or Not

So for the last few years there has been a promise of a referendum to whether we stay in the EU or not. David Cameron stated he would only promote staying within a reformed European Union and for the last few months he has been negotiating new laws for benefits and other policies which all came to a head in the last few days in Brussels. Many late into the night meetings eventually got a final agreement. (more…)

 February 20th, 2016  

Counterfeit Airbags Becoming A Serious Issue

The issue of retailers and unwary owners installing counterfeit airbags into their vehicles has become such an issue in the USA that the “Counterfeit Airbag Bill ” has been passed in the House Of Representatives. The Bill code named H 1476 (more…)

 February 19th, 2016  

Possible Senior Mangers At VW KNew About Emissions 1 Year Earlier

Just when you think the VW emissions scandal couldn’t get worse it does. It has now been reported that senior mangers knew about how their vehicles cheated tests over 1 year before it was announced. (more…)

 February 17th, 2016  

Hyundai Warning About OEM Parts Saving Lives

When buying most products from a shop it is normally pretty easy to determine the quality, how it was made and how much you should pay for it. But when it comes to auto components that ability to judge is not so easy, especially with sealed units and items that are cast. (more…)

 February 16th, 2016  

The 2016 Formula 1 Season Is Looming Will It Be Better

With the unveiling of most formula one teams new 2016 cars almost imminent and testing in Barcelona only a few weeks away the hype of the new season is picking up day by day. Much has happened out of season, with TV audiences down and at least 2 of the big names Red Bull and McLaren not performing, there has been a need to agree to move forward to keep F1 at the forefront of motor racing. (more…)

 February 2nd, 2016  

A Historic Day As The Land Rover Defender Production Stops

A clear icon of British engineering there can hardly be anyone around the word. from the deep jungle areas of Africa, to the southern tips of south America that would not recognised this traditional Land Rover design. (more…)

 January 29th, 2016  

Working On That Vehicle Remember To Stay Safe

We as many, promote those wanting fix up their cars themselves, saving a bit of money and keeping that brain busy. The internet can give the experience and advice with the many forums out there now and let’s not forget youtube. hardly a task has not been filed by some professional garage or amateur enthusiast that gives a visual story of how to fix that particular fault or replace that part. (more…)

 January 28th, 2016  

The Parts Breaker Yards Do Not Usually Sell

When an “End Of Life” vehicle arrives at any breakers yard here, the normal process is to strip down all useful parts that have a re-sale value, separate the dangerous chemicals, oils, petrol and dispose them in the appropriate way, stipulated by EU regulations. (more…)

 January 25th, 2016