Unfortunately CarSpareFinder no longer trades and you will unable to ask for car parts quotes through the system any more. But it seemed a shame to shut down our blog and so it will remain and maybe some new content will, be added from time to time.

Scrapping Your Car

If your vehicle has come to the end of its life and you are considering disposing of it, or wondered what price you may get for it. More information here

CarSpareFinder News

Hyundai Warn OEM Parts

When it comes to auto components that ability to judge is not so easy, especially with sealed units and items that are cast. Hyundai motors have released a news campaign

Counterfeit Airbags Serious Issue

Become such an issue in the USA that the “Counterfeit Airbag Bill ” has been passed in the House Of Representatives. Thousand of cars have been checked in the USA

Parts Breaker yards Don't Usually Sell

What is left however are parts that are not normally sold in a used condition, dangerous chemicals, oils, petrol and dispose them in the appropriate way, stipulated by EU regulations.