The astonishing figures comes from “Public Health England”, who state that outdoor pollution is Prematurely killing 400,00 people a year and is seen as a silent killer. This is all related to the air we breathe with cars, woodburning stoves, boilers and heating systems churning out dangerous pollutants. Continue reading

It seems that many new Volvo’s have an software fault that causes the engine to shut down briefly. Volvo have already identified the issue as related to its software and is now it starting a recall of over 7000 vehicles in the UK alone. The problem is only apparent in certain diesel models such as S60, V60, XC60, V70 and XC70. Continue reading

So for the last few years there has been a promise of a referendum to whether we stay in the EU or not. David Cameron stated he would only promote staying within a reformed European Union and for the last few months he has been negotiating new laws for benefits and other policies which all came to a head in the last few days in Brussels. Many late into the night meetings eventually got a final agreement. Continue reading

The issue of retailers and unwary owners installing counterfeit airbags into their vehicles has become such an issue in the USA that the “Counterfeit Airbag Bill ” has been passed in the House Of Representatives. The Bill code named H 1476 Continue reading

When buying most products from a shop it is normally pretty easy to determine the quality, how it was made and how much you should pay for it. But when it comes to auto components that ability to judge is not so easy, especially with sealed units and items that are cast. Continue reading

With the unveiling of most formula one teams new 2016 cars almost imminent and testing in Barcelona only a few weeks away the hype of the new season is picking up day by day. Much has happened out of season, with TV audiences down and at least 2 of the big names Red Bull and McLaren not performing, there has been a need to agree to move forward to keep F1 at the forefront of motor racing. Continue reading

We as many, promote those wanting fix up their cars themselves, saving a bit of money and keeping that brain busy. The internet can give the experience and advice with the many forums out there now and let’s not forget youtube. hardly a task has not been filed by some professional garage or amateur enthusiast that gives a visual story of how to fix that particular fault or replace that part. Continue reading

Reanult Badge on Zoe

The Volkswagen emission scandal is reverberating throughout the industry to the point that Renault are also calling back 15000 of its cars for issues relating to Co2 emissions. After investigators discovered that their vehicles delivered different results on real tests to that done by Renault, they were forced to recall them and now suggest they have a solution to the misinformation. Continue reading

There are legal requirements in the UK as in most countries in the world to ensure the ownership of any vehicle is clear and that they adhere to the essentials to being on the road. The standard around the world seems to be a logbook (stating the specifications of the vehicle and who owns it), a MOT certificate (or proof or a regular test to ensure the car is at least roadworthy at the time of the test) Continue reading

There can be some confusion when trying to figure out when you may get a fine for exceeding the speed limit, when there is evidence that others get away with it. The fact is, that even a 1 mile per hour speed above the permitted law for that stretch of road, is breaking the law and subject to a fine. But in the real world, it is extremely difficult to do as well the practical reasons to why poloce do not push for this. Continue reading

There comes a time in most vehicles life what the cost of keeping it maintained and on the road is beyond its book value. When this happens, it can be difficult to sell and the cost of MOT’s and advertising just makes the whole process not worth it. Continue reading

Commuter Car Clubs are to receive increased benefits from the Government. The Transport minister Norman Baker announced on Friday a package to support commuter car club development in the UK.  These are set to receive an extra £40,000 Continue reading

A recent debate in Honda’s world is that of fuel economy vs safety. However it is not just Honda who have to consider this, but every car manufacturer, from vauxhall to Alfa Romeo. Continue reading

A big debate at the moment is whether or not we should limit the top speed of driving. We all know family and small hatchbacks such as the Vauxhall Corsa or the Renault Cleo have good speeds, good fuel economy etc. Continue reading

So as not to split hairs and go down two very close but parallel roads I will lump together the full and major services. By and large these two are so closely related that they may as well be the same thing just different people will use different terminologies. Continue reading

Vauxhall vectra has had a bid of a bad period over the last few years with its reputation for dull designs, plastic interiors and not to great to drive. However with bad press comes change and vauxhall have done just that. Continue reading

If your worried about the environment and are worried that we are going to run out of petrol before you die then this article is for you. A company called Telsa have been working on a mass produced electric sports car. yes thats right it works off solar power and you have to charge it Continue reading

I read this blog the other day on how to change the oil and i thought its a simple enough procedure in which many people don’t know how to do and end up paying a lot for it to be done, so i decided to summarize the blog here for the benefit of our readers Continue reading

For the most part the interim service comprises extra items on top of the engine bay service in that work involved is on the underside of the vehicle, normally brakes, steering and suspension. Continue reading

Several sources on the internet including have reported new prices of the new Vauxhall Antara. of the course the prices depend on the model and what vauxhall parts you want included. Continue reading

Vauxhall Motors is a UK firm and is a sub company of General Motors (the largest automaker company in the world) Wilson Alexander started the company in 1856 in London but he did not do cars then, more iron works and it was not until the early 1900 Continue reading

The weekly checks on the vehicle may well be the ones that are ignored but after all these are the checks that will display early signs of trouble, for example, the engine coolant level is found to be low, Continue reading

Ever since the advent of the motor vehicle, or for that matter the advent of any mechanical device, routine maintenance has been never far from peoples minds whether they be the manufacturer or the end user. A mechanism once set in use will start to wear and should that wear get to a certain level a breakdown is almost inevitable, Continue reading

Having covered engine fuel control in the last article we now move on to the ignition system.

Prior to the acceptance of ignition electronics the generation and distribution of the high voltage required for the spark plugs was primarily the role of the distributor in conjunction with the ignition coil. Continue reading

Japanese cars are famous for their reliability and longevity, that’s why you see so many older models still driving around. However, no matter how reliable they are even Japanese cars need parts. While it’s true that they are well made cars, over time their parts Continue reading

Aside from the electrical systems already described in starting the modern day motor vehicle, they are now fitted with an ever increasing number of electrical components. These can further split into even more electrically controlled devices which seem to increase in complexity with every single model change Continue reading

In the previous two articles on basic engine operation it was explained how the four stroke cycle worked, but how do you initiate the process? With the engine running, the up and down movement of the pistons is transferred to the crankshaft to produce rotation, Continue reading

The basic principle behind the petrol engine and for that matter, the diesel engine, is one of internal combustion, although the two differ in their respective fuel systems and their method of initiating the combustion process.

With the petrol engine used in such makes as Alfa Romeo, introduce an explosive mixture (petrol vapour and air) into a virtually sealed cylinder, compress it by moving one end of the cylinder toward the other then ignite the mixture with a spark. Continue reading

As engine power is transmitted through the gearbox, the gears themselves will have a tendency to stay in mesh making gear changing very difficult. Even more difficult, once a gear has been disengaged, is the selection of another. The difficulty arises from the fact that the speed of the two gears being introduced to each other is very different. Continue reading

Engine power in the form of rotation is delivered to the final drive from the gearbox. The gearbox is normally in the form of a cast metal casing which not only contains the individual gears, Continue reading

From the previous articles there now exists a small collection of tyre/wheels isolated from a bodyshell/chassis and that in turn can be steered and has a dual circuit service brake system with a separate mechanical park brake. Continue reading

It must be fairly obvious what the braking system is for; it allows the vehicle to be slowed in varying degrees and also provides some method of holding a stationary vehicle without having to continually apply the service (foot) brake. Continue reading

The Government is toying with the idea of raising taxes on air travel and high-polluting cars in an attempt to remedy the UK’s spiraling greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the 70pmh speed limit on Britain’s motorways could be slashed or more strictly enforced in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide given off by cars. Continue reading

Every fitment in or on a motor vehicle has to be mounted to the bodywork or structure. By and large the bodywork performs various functions aside from the aesthetics; it provides a weather resistant environment for those inside and also facilitates the fitment of equipment to make that environment very comfortable indeed. Everything from the latest in multi-adjusting seats, through climate control, road noise suppression, Continue reading

There Is much debate about the pros and cons of the internet. The recent advertising campaign of one of the worlds most renowned ISPs, AOL, was based around just that the benefits the net brings to modern life, and its polar dark side. Continue reading

Apart from starting and stopping probably the most obvious function required of a motor vehicle is that it must be able to be directed in varying degrees to the left and to the right.

So what, other than changing direction, is required of the steering system? One of the most important is the transmission from the steered wheels to the driver. Continue reading

The basic principle of any form of suspension is the isolation of one component or medium from an adjacent component or medium. In the case of a motor vehicle it is desirable, if not essential, that the car body and its occupants are isolated from the harsh road surface. There are of course hundreds of components which would not take too kindly to the relatively high levels of vibration induced by road travel, but in this article comfort for the driver and passengers is all that will be considered.

Variations Of Isolation

In order to achieve the isolation required it is necessary to use a device or mechanism which will locate securely to the vehicle and locate just as well onto to the components which will eventually support the wheel/tyre assembly. The best thing for this task is some form of spring usually positioned one at each corner of the vehicle, but there are variations on this theme. The spring used will, to a certain extent, deform under the weight of the static vehicle, then deforming further as a result of extra vehicle loading and/or road impact whilst travelling.

Common Factors Of The Three Types Of Suspension

There are three main types of suspension found on today’s vehicles; steel, rubber and fluid/pneumatic. Each of these have certain factors in common; they will deform as a result of impact, they require a robust mounting system and they all have a tendency to rebound, sometimes at an alarming rate.

Common Forms Of Springing

Steel springing will normally take one of three forms; leaf, coil or torsion bar. The leaf spring has been fitted to many vehicle types over many, many years and has the advantage of being able to locate, an axle for example, without much in the way of extra linkages. The coil spring, which is probably the most common form of car/light commercial springing, has no such advantage requiring turrets, linkages and platforms for accurate location but it does have the very useful attribute of being compact and therefore easier to incorporate into the modern vehicle design. The less common torsion bar is quite simply a square or round section bar fixed at one end to the suspension arm (moveable) and the other to the structure/bodywork (fixed). The operation of each of the above as a result of impact is for the leaf spring to deflect whilst increasing in length, the coil will simply compress and the torsion bar will absorb the movement by twisting about its length.

Absorbing That Energy

Rubber suspension is much the same as steel in that it is the principle of deflection and temporary deformation which absorbs the impact. Unlike steel, rubber has the ability to absorb a larger amount of energy per unit of its mass and it also produces much less rebound. Continue reading

As a business operating in the breaker industry, you can imagine that a lot of the requests we receive are the result of unfortunate accidents. Its not always possible to avoid accidents, especially given the apparently increasing numbers of idiot drivers on the road, but there are some lessons to be learned from the howling mistakes of others. Continue reading

The vast majority of people would regard the tyre as a subject in its own right and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that, however, very few people would consider tyres to be a component part of the suspension system. Consider running over a small object in the road such as the ubiquitous cats eye, the first thing to react to this impact is the tyre, the treat area will deflect inward towards the wheel and the sidewalls will expand outward on either side. Continue reading

It goes without saying that open wheel racing does just that, the driver is vulnerable to the elements and anything that should fly through the air at him. We have just heard of another open wheel racing car death, this time of Justin Wilson, Continue reading

There can hardly be a more serious recall ever than this. Over 34million cars are to have their driver and/or passenger side airbags looked at after several years of legal issue has forced several big car manufacturers to take huge action. The airbags in question are manufactured by Takata and supply several car manufactures including Continue reading

We might not be aware that much of seat’s history on car making especially as it is focuses in Spain and has only made waves n the UK over the last 10 years. But it was announced on the 11th may that the new future digital museum design will be handed over to a winning student with the best design. Continue reading

It seems that Ford have abandoned their experiment in to identifying of anyone was having a heart attack at the wheel. It used electrocardiograph sensors within the seats and cameras that could have noticed any change to the driver. Continue reading

So we are in the second week of top news “Should Jezzer be sacked” or is he just worth too much to the BBC? Was this a serious incident or just a “storm in Tea Cup? what we do know is that there was physical contact and there was a long period of serious insults from the main Top Gear Presenter. Continue reading

With only a £5k budget Mike’s job was to find a suitable Fiat 500 and Ed’s job was to make it good enough to sell and make a profit. The original model was launched in 1957 bringing affordable and stylish motoring to the Italian market. Designed with a rear engine gave plenty room inside the car at the expense of a bit of luggage space. Continue reading

You can’t imagine a worst start for a new car being tested by a popular magazine, a total brake failure. an if this wasn’t bad enough, the replacement did the same thing. So just one day after its official UK release Suzuki suspended all sales of the Celerio until the issue can be sorted. Continue reading

Last year saw a big increase in vehicle recalls and so car manufacturers are now demanding better quality control from their suppliers, mainly car part manufacturers. Taking this personally is Japan who are set to invest millions in machinery and equipment that with inspect components to level not seen before. Continue reading

Well Nick Trueman has just done that. It started out as a Ford Granada (remember them the Sweeney) then just added and added until it now looks like a Zonda. Although it wasn’t plain sailing, though several engines and gearboxes he now has something that will turn heads where ever he goes. Continue reading

This Sunday sees the return of Top Gear which is had an unusual long break between series, but is set to give us more episodes this time. The promotion started with a clip of the boys, done with Lego, that by now has had over 5 million viewers even though it’s not quite as funny as all the media suggest it is. Continue reading

When the finical crisis hit around 2007 and Honda just failed to make an impact within F1, they decided to call it a day at the end of the 2008 season. Substantial development had gone into the new car, so Ross Brawn arranged a partial buy out of the team, renamed it after himself and with a Mercedes engine, found themselves winning the 2009 drivers championship. Continue reading

BBC’s watchdog have recently reported on customer complaints that the new Fiat 500 1.2 that has the Eu6 engine in is not only bad at going up hills, but in some cases just doesn’t make it. In order to prove the point Watchdog, found some urban hills next to potential homes and attempted to drive up them. Continue reading

It’s the Top Gear Christmas special and it is actually being broadcast at the right time this year and not being used to spread out the normal programming. The Patagonia special was to take the 3 guys thought southern Argentina with their chosen V8 engine cars. Continue reading

Was anyone surprised? I wasn’t and I doubt any of the millions of views were either, even those who do not follow motor sport and had their favorites. It wasn’t just the fact he won the F1 championship, but the way it was done. we knew he had the best car in the best team, but with so many “DNFs” earlier in the season and some serious head to heads with Nico Rosberg, it really was in the balance for the last race. Continue reading

After all the worry of a “DNF” (did not finish} and the double points situation, Lewis ended up winding the World Formula One Championship pretty easily. The suspense had built up, as Mercedes openly admitted they were worried that the championship would be decided over a malfunction rather than the drivers skill. as it happens there was a failure, something to talk about later. Continue reading

There was some limited disagreement about the last race having double points, but now we are here at that point, pretty much everyone but Nico Rosberg, wonders why we ever allowed it to happen in the first place. Even though Lewis Hamilton has won many more races than Nico, the double point scenario states that Lewis Continue reading

There has been a lot of intrigue surrounding the first all electric single seater race series with some key players like Mclaren, Renault and Williams playing a distant but important part of getting this moving. But there also has been criticism from some of the gimmicks of the racing, such as live music, vote to give your favourite driver a power boost, plus the fact these Formula E  machines still cannot go for the full 1 hour, so drivers need 2 machines to race. Continue reading

At the begining of the 2014 F1 season there was a lot controversy about how quiet the new engines were, so you have to wonder what is expected with the new Formula E series that is about to start with almost silent motors. Continue reading

When buying from any retailer and especially online, trust plays a big part to whether the transaction occurs in the first place. Whith new items, the considerations are mostly in the supply of the product, as manufacturers guarantees also come into play. But when dealing with used, the risk factor increases to whether any buyer will get a fair deal or not. Continue reading

He is clearly one the most popular drivers on the grid, from his less selfish and team player attitude to the sport that has rarely ever delivered criticism from other teams. His ability to drive has regularly been measured as very smooth easy on the tyres and is exceptional in changing conditions to know what tyres to be on at any time. Continue reading

Many watched the debate last night between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling discussing things such as oil, currency and NHS. But even though these are the main issues, there will be thousands of smaller challenges hidden under the surface one being what will happen to British or Scottish Roads. Continue reading

Tailgating must be one of the most hated road cries out there. not only is it dangerous but it done with the mind of bullying and try to put the fear into the driver in front to move over, even when legal speeds are being adhered to. Continue reading

We all want to drive in around in our motors without any event of a mechanical failure. But it happens and it certainly helps if you are a member of an organisation that will visit you, where ever you breakdown, then fix what is wrong there and there, to get you back home or on your way. The service started even prior to the “Golden Age Of Motoring” with the creation of clubs of which you joined to learn more about your mechanical aspects of what you owned. Continue reading

There are very few controversial well known bosses as Bernie Ecclestone, who’s tough stance and ability to bring several dysfunctional motor racing teams together with TV rights, has made him a multi billionaire.  Read his biography (unofficial) you gasp what is alleged sometimes and wonder how someone with a questionable background could still be in charge of the massive business of Formula One. Continue reading

Not alone in the current controversy within China,  BMW has decided to reduce the price of 2000 of its components, due to an Anti Trust Investigation from the Anti-Monopoly Bureau.  They are not the only foreign organisation being investigated amid concerns over high prices, that affect fair trading, such is the desire own a luxury Brand such as BMW in the east. Continue reading

Manufactures need to beware when dealing within the Chinese economy, as Audi and Chrysler are about to find out. They have been accused of “pursuing monopoly practices” by the relevant authorities Continue reading

Let’s get to the point. we assume that the insurance measurements are based upon whether the repairs of a vehicle after being involved in an accident, will cost more than it is worth. We keep hearing percentages, such as 30% of the value etc. But in reality when a motor is not repaired it is sent to savage auction, where those who sell their components such as breaker yards and dismantlers will bid, to replenish their stock. Continue reading

As a kid I used to save cards with pictures of famous “Hot Rods” with huge shiny chrome engines, large rear wheels, normally small front ones and a classic looking shell. But as I got older, I appreciated cars back from my childhood, but alas hot rods did not figure. Continue reading

The thought of driving something that has been affectively and insurance write off can scare some and encourage others. The potential of owning a newer model with less miles, just for a bit of work can be enticing and engaging, but the risks of getting everything right isn’t for everyone. Continue reading

We have had the tax disc since the time horseless carriages were being used (1921), but as of the 1st October 2014, there will be longer any need to show one. It’s quite a significant move, but of course technology is now responsible for the decision. Continue reading

There is no doubt the Ferrari F1 team comes with impressive history and in Italy, the fans follow the team no matter what driver, rather than the opposite way round for the rest of the world.  Even when it comes to prize money it is alleged that Ferrari get a bigger slice of the pie, as the team is seem as essential, to the success of the F1 campaign. Continue reading

Our brakes are maybe the most important thing to keep tabs on. Of course if your engine isn’t working it won’t run. If your wheels are off kilter than it won’t go either. But if your brakes don’t work then even if all those other things are running tip top, you won’t be able to stop. We’re all so concerned with getting our vehicles to run as well as possible that the thought we can’t  stop doesn’t occur to us as often as it should. Here are some common brake problems and how to fix them. Continue reading

The fuel lines in your vehicle are among its most basic but most important components. These fuel hoses transport gasoline from the fuel tank to the pump, before gasoline is finally delivered into the combustion chamber of the engine. Over time, however, these lines will have to be replaced. Worn-out, cracked, or split examples can lead to wasteful and hazardous gas leaking. Continue reading

If you had told Lewis Hamilton he would be on the podium in Hungary just before the race, he would have laughed, knowing he was starting from the pit lane and how hard it is to pass in Hungary. But as the race went on, there was a clear chance of winning had his tyres lasted a few more laps, so in the end Lewis appeared to be a bit down during his chat on the podium with Martin Brundle. Continue reading

Since Russia took over control of Crimea there has been whispers to whether the first Russian Grand Prix should in fact go ahead. It’s not loud shouting, teams are not publically stating they don’t want to go, probably in the hope that relations with Russia and the rest if the world improves. However, the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 allegedly by Rebels supported by Russia, is bringing the subject more to the forefront. Continue reading

In the wake of the Malaysian MH17 incident, many watched the pictures of the same flight number taking off a mere 24 hours later. With extraordinary facts that a plane from the same airline went missing just 4 months ago and yet unseen, gives some insight to the lengths we will go to get from a to B. Continue reading

With new pictures appearing of the Mazda 2 which looks superb, the debate on the forums, are either, “I want one”, or it’s just a re-badged Fiesta. So the question rises about the importance of brand and why would you want to buy any model, that is pretty much the same as another except for a different badge and a few trims differences. Continue reading