40, 000 People A Year Prematurely Dying

The astonishing figures comes from “Public Health England”, who state that outdoor pollution is Prematurely killing 400,00 people a year and is seen as a silent killer. This is all related to the air we breathe with cars, woodburning stoves, boilers and heating systems churning out dangerous pollutants. This is a big increase on the last survey back in 2008 where it was estimated to be at around 29,000.
harmful pollutants from spray cans

Fires Through To Spray Cans

Indoor pollutants are also being blamed, from gas fires right through to air fresheners in a can. With all the regulations and commitments from the world to reduce what we pump into the air, seems to be making no difference. The air pollution in itself may not cause any deaths, but is related to other diseases, asthma being the most obvious. Southern towns and cities such as Plymouth http://sell.scrap-car.co.uk/plymouth-scrap-car.html are far better than many other UK areas, probably because of the lack of heavy industry compared to more northern towns.

Not exclusive To Vehicle Emissions

Although cold diesel engines are mentioned, it not an exclusive problem where many other normal things we do are contributing to unhealthy air. Central heating systems and burning green logs are also mentioned to be an issue. Whatever the reason, this is clearly a wake up message for the UK to take all emissions from all appliances and vehicles more seriously.