A Bad Start For The New Suzuki Celerio

You can’t imagine a worst start for a new car being tested by a popular magazine, a total brake failure. an if this wasn’t bad enough, the replacement did the same thing. So just one day after its official UK release Suzuki suspended all sales of the Celerio until the issue can be sorted.
Autocar had carried out the tests, but it was the 80mph one that resulted in total brake failure. All customers are being informed. Apparently the brake pedal went to the floor (or near) than stuck in position, yet did not slow the car down.

Can It Recover From This

It is hard to say how this kind of publicity will harm the brand, but it has to fair to assume that many who were considering the Celerio are likely to look elsewhere even when the issue is identified and corrected. The good news is that the issue was with a test ground and not on the public roads and it wasn’t a member of the public being put in that scary position.

Only RHD Versions Are Affected

The city car has also been suspended from other countries, Australia and New Zealand which are also right hand drive territories. It is believed that only the vehicles built in Thailand are affected and the India production is deemed as OK, probably as they build LHD models and have been on sale since last year. The motoring journalist driving the Celerio was able to stop by gearing down and using the handbrake. It is believed that representatives from both Suzuki UK and Japan are investigating the incidents. It is normal for new cars to be tested by respected magazines either just before or after launch so the results can be published independently.

More For Your Money, But Is It Worth It.

The features of the Suzuki Celerio is it come with more accessories that the competition and feels at home around the city. But on faster roads there are better cars out there, such as the i10 and Citigo. It wins on cost if you want the spec, it loses if you don’t feel you need it. What also does not help the image, is the mere 3 stars ncap rating. The new model is a full £2k more expensive than the outgoing Alto, even with more spec, you wonder if buyers of this city car really need it or want it.