Historic Day, Defender Production Stops

A clear icon of British engineering there can hardly be anyone around the word. from the deep jungle areas of Africa, to the southern tips of south America that would not recognised this traditional Land Rover design. The Defender has been in production since 1948 and many would say the principle and chassis platform design has not changed much since then, Certainly the body style is almost identical and where many would say it is time to move on, there are those who are clearly worried about the Defender no longer being made.

No Replacement Yet

What is unusual is that we still do not know what the replacement will be and can it eclipse what was described as the best 4×4 in the world. It has a hard act to follow. although to be fair Land Rover have already expanded beyond the Defender many decades ago, when the Range Rover was introduced and then more recently the Freelander and Discovery. It is true you are far more likely to see a Discovery on UK country roads than a Defender, but of course this is only a small portion of its market share.

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Helping The War Effort

Armies around the world have and do, rely on the Land Rovers ability to ride over most terrains hold weapons, carry soldiers into war. Charities and organisations rely on these 4x4s to get them to the most remote parts of the world, saving lives.
It started production in 1948 and was never seen as a long term project, but with over 2 million now produced, it goes down as one of the most iconic vehicles in the world. But what is surprising is no word on the new version. There are secret pictures around, but the normal process would be to release the new version right after the old has been produced. maybe the production line needs a big change.

Pretty Good Value

Normally old models lose value as soon as the new version is released, but you can’t help feeling that enthusiasts will want a piece of history in this instance, so don’t expect values to drop soon. On saying this, second hand Defenders were always pretty good value to buy anyway and unfortunately do not escape the high road tax on the high emission models, many were converted to LPG for this reason.

Easy To Maintain

Parts are easy to obtain and even though the design hasn’t changed much over the years, engine and ancillaries have been continuously updated, although not as much as a modern car would have been. The attraction to the worldwide armies was the ability to get it moving should it breakdown and so there is a crossover of spares that can be used.
Even the Queen drives one and many celebrities. There are very few vehicles that get this amount of publicity when production stops, let’s hope the new version will last as long. somehow I don’t think so.