Tour Replica Land Rover Production Line

There can be few vehicles that has had the history of the famous Land Rover and with the Defender model ending its production life soon a new tour has opened at its factory in Solihull. Part of the tour aims to re-create a 1948 production line including seeing the vehicles at different stages of the production process back then. They used over 8000 original parts to build these authentic examples.
For land Rover enthusiasts this surely is a “must visit” tour that re-creates the heritage of Series 1 and Defender examples within an environment of authenticity from those who remember the real line.

Best Off Roaders

Its truly astonishing how similar modern Land Rovers look compared to those original ones, and how much technology still in use. Even so, this doesn’t stop these off roaders still being seen as the best in the world.

So there is good reason to expect a good turnout to the tour, although the £45 charge for the 3 hour tour seems excessive, considering it aims to promote the brand and many attendees may the older generation who enjoyed driving these early built 4 x4 vehicles and has come especially for the original production line section.

20,000 Visitors Cant Be Bad

You will see other parts of the factory including the existing production line and is clearly not a tour you can be allowed to roam free in, but one where you will learn as much as there is to need to know about the current production process and that of nearly 70 years ago in 1948.
It is estimated that 20, 000 visitors will see the defender tour before production stops.