Are We Staying In The European Union

So for the last few years there has been a promise of a referendum to whether we stay in the EU or not. David Cameron stated he would only promote staying within a reformed European Union and for the last few months he has been negotiating new laws for benefits and other policies which all came to a head in the last few days in Brussels. Many late into the night meetings eventually got a final agreement.
Last night it appeared that My Cameron had pretty much achieved the changes with its relationship with Europe that he had been seeking and would now promote that the UK stay in the EU and later today would be announcing the date for a referendum.

The Motoring Industry Is Affected

Clearly this is an issue that affects all industries including the motoring sector. There are many car manufacturing plants in the UK, all foreign owned who are here not just because the quality of the workforce and talent but the ability to freely trade within the European market. They do not want to make cars under British law and sell them under European law, it gets too complicated and add to their costs. The UKip argument for leaving is that we would easily get a free trade agreement with Europe on the basis that they need our trade as much as we need theirs.

It Is Now Up To The British Public

The bottom line is, now that negotiations have finished it will be up to the British people to decide whether we stay in our or out. early suggestions from the media suggests that those previously undecided may not vote to stay in.
All politicians will want their say, it was interesting that Jeremy Corbyn saw the agreement as a “Side Show, even though he supports being in the UK and this agreement will help his argument.
So tomorrow or maybe Monday will be see as the beginning of all the National Campaigns prior to the referendum.