BMW Brake Issues

BMW have announced they will be recalling over 6,500 motorcycles for brake checks after it was found that vibrations from the bikes could cause brake fluid to leak, possibly leading to brake failure.

The recall which is not thought to have been the cause of any accidents comes just months after Japanese car manufacturers Toyota were forced to recall 8.5 million vehicles after it was found that accelerator pads were sticking.

The German company were hit by a similar problem in early 2008 after bikes began to leak brake fluid, a spokesperson for BMW said:

“We accept modifications to the brake fluid lines have failed to eradicate problems.”

In a press release BMW say the problem could potentially only affect 1 in 1000 bikes but the recall still accounts for over a third of all bikes produced this quarter.
Models that are affected by the recall include the R1200GS, R1200R,R1200RT,R1200ST and K1200GT a bike which once held the World Speed Record for its class.

Customers with a bike that has been affected are urged to take their vehicles to the nearest BMW dealership where new brake cables coated with a split-proof-material can be applied.

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