Could You Make Super Car From Scrap

Well Nick Trueman has just done that. It started out as a Ford Granada (remember them the Sweeney) then just added and added until it now looks like a Zonda. Although it wasn’t plain sailing, though several engines and gearboxes he now has something that will turn heads where ever he goes.

Some great shopping has netted some bargains, with the most expensive part being the headlamps at a mere £95, the body only cost £50, maybe he should set up his own TV show like Wheeler Dealers. However the true cost stands at around £15k with a few of his own body part being hurt along the way. After spending £5k to get it shipped into Bahrain, it then became road legal, with twin turbo’s it has 500 brake horse power.

The project was described as fun, but obsessive you can learn more here from the original article.

Kit Cars Rule

Many enthusiasts love making new cars from a part selection off old especially from the many kits that are available. They key is buying a best part at the right price, sometimes they need to be new, other times second hand OEM spares from donor cars give the best value. Through CarSpareFinder we know we have many Kit Car enthusiasts using our system to find those donor items.

Nick’s Zonda replica is back in the UK and although not road legal here, he hopes to get the chance to try it out on Top Gear’s track which is not unique as many Kit cars are built only for the track the most popular being that Lotus 7 replica made by Caterham. These are so lightweight, that even with smallish engines they deliver blistering speed around the track.

Caterham Better Than The Real Thing

In fact it is unfair to call these kits a replica, because although they are based on that traditional design, there is very little else that is the same. Caterham have proven so popular, that there is even a F1 team based in Oxford. Although at the time of writing, a lack of finding may prevent them entering the 2015 championship.