Employees Stole Jaguar Parts Up To £2m

We may have all worked in environments where staff have been light fingered and stole something from their employers, but this must be seen as an extreme case. A former Jaguar Land Rover worker has been found guilty of stealing car parts to the value of up to 2 million pounds over a period of 3 years.
His role allowed him to order parts for testing, but the company got suspicious when a huge amount of parts were ordered with no reason, many for vehicles that were no longer produced. The investigation discovered large values of money being put in his bank account also. The £2m quoted in the press relates to the retail price of the parts and the quality quoted to be around 4500.

The Coventry court was told that he would go to jail for some time for his offences.

This raise the question of security in large manufacturers like Jaguar. This individual was found out because of the large quantities involved and even this took several years to discover. So how much theft is occurring at a smaller scale where the numbers are less obvious. On saying this, not many employees have the authority to order such parts without authorisation.