Explosion In China Kills 69

There have always been concerns in China regarding health and safety within their factories. The latest concern to the auto industry was reported by “Bloomberg”, stating that 69 will killed in a blast at an auto parts factory in the East of the country.

The likely reason behind the explosion was the combustion of dust, metal particles and some sort of heat, such as fire. Over 200 staff were working there at the time and many more were injured, stated the local controlled press.

Different Auto manufacturers were clients, including “General Motors”. the questions is once again raised to what checks do manufacturers make on working condition when employing foreign firms , either contracted to a certain type of work, or where components are bought.

Costs have been rising in recent years, then add transport  and the longer length of time to order and delivery, has made other organisations in different sectors to bring some manufacturing back to the UK. Only time will tell, if this will also occur in the motor industry.

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