Extra Recalls Means More Pressure

Last year saw a big increase in vehicle recalls and so car manufacturers are now demanding better quality control from their suppliers, mainly car part manufacturers. Taking this personally is Japan who are set to invest millions in machinery and equipment that with inspect components to level not seen before.
Car manufacturers rely heavily on components being able to do the job that is required, the demands from their customers are higher, so the build quality needs to be higher. Failing to deliver, could mean more vehicle recalls and compensation costs being sought form part suppliers, or even choosing different ones.

Serious Recall

Honda was forced to recall 13m vehicle since 2008 over the issues with airbags and the subsequent alleged deaths. It has cost Honda $70 million dollars in fines, not to mention what sales were lost due to bad publicity and a loss of trust. So it will be no surprise that auto part manufacturers will expected to up their game, both in design and quality control.

Trace It Back

Manufacturers are also working towards tracing components back to source, to understand where and why issues have arisen and not doubt to claim compensation for any loss. There are some serious brands here, where even the slightest negative publicity could cost them millions, ironically this could and has happened from parts that only costs a few pence to produce.

Exceed Expectations

The focus is moving way from matching international ISO standards to exceeding them. Some companies such as Takata are expecting to make big losses this year as they invest more for the future and avoid mistake sin the past, where defects have been found.
Better standards of manufacturing and design should prolong the life of most parts and make the used market even stronger than it is now, especially from salvage vehicles. Vehicles can already do huge mileages providing they are serviced regularly, we could see standards match the aero sector, hopefully without the related cost