Ford Looking At Heart Attack Sensor

It seems that Ford have abandoned their experiment in to identifying of anyone was having a heart attack at the wheel. It used electrocardiograph sensors within the seats and cameras that could have noticed any change to the driver. Apparently they were able to get a 98% success rate, but how they know that without an actual driver suffering a heart attack still seems unclear t the un-educated, except for the traditional heart monitor. Now a few years on they have decide to move away from that idea and focus on other related issues. No one would comment how much money had been invested.

As engines and cars in general become more reliable across all ranges, big manufactures such as Ford are having to look at new initiative ways to be ahead of the game and accessories that look after your health are part of that though process. From our point of view who works with breaker yards, we have to wonder what obscure parts will be searched for in the future and can a parts supplier deal in them or will that only cone from medical related companies?

” Excuse me have you got a v9300 heart monitor seat in stock and will you guarantee it for a heart attacks, even mild ones?” just as an example question.

You can definitely see some benefits to this, but you wonder would it not be better to prevent someone driving in the first place. Maybe the key identifies an odd heart rhythms before the car is even started, rather than waiting to driving mode. Or our mobile phone connects to Bluetooth and switches off the engine.
So the next question clearly is what other health related car parts will Ford and other try to develop next? How about headaches, sensors in the headrests identifying pain and knowing which pressure points on the heads to reduce the pain.

We do accept that car design has become a bit like a mobile phone, more about the aps’ that the process of making a phone call, more about the add ons’ that the ability to get from A to b. The basic function is now just taken for granted, so let’s offer something that isn’t and gain sales that way. Marketing like this does appear to work, even te publicity like this keeps the brand in the news.

What is good to see, is that Ford can afford to develop new and interesting things and its not all left to Google, something we may not have been able to say 6 or 7 years ago.