Formula E is about to Start

At the begining of the 2014 F1 season there was a lot controversy about how quiet the new engines were, so you have to wonder what is expected with the new Formula E series that is about to start with almost silent motors. It all starts on the 13th September around Beijing, the first of 10 races, in different cities and will go through the winter months so not to conflict with other motor racing.

The E Stands For Electric

The principle is to develop electric technology that may be used on the vehicles we drive. We can argue, motor manufactures will do this anyway, but history shows it will only be done to the speed of consumer demand.  At least here in racing, there is competition and a desire to push the boundaries, to move things forward quicker. It will be interesting to see of technology moves as quick as F1, where when there are rule changes to slow speeds, down the teams always seem to find solutions to make up for that lost ground and often, less than one season later they are racing as fast as the previous one.

Big Names Supporting The Series

One famous name is co partner for one of the teams, namely Leonardo DiCaprio, with Alain Prost leading another  to give this new venture some publicity. The races will be shorted around 1 hour and the laps too, to give more chances to see the drivers. To get things moving everyone will use the same Renault engine, but from the second season will be able to develop their own. This make perfect sense with technology that is not fully understood yet.
Believe it or not these machines will only race half the distance and then a second will race the final half. Of course the challenge is to develop the technology so each racer can start and finish on its own steam. batteries are supplied by Williams.


Certain aspects will be changed that might keep real racing fans away, like playing music during the race or using social media to give bonuses to certain drivers. anyway, it is something new and if done properly could be seen as a compliment to other race series and certainly won’t be seen as a replacement to F1.

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