How To Dispose Of That Old Vehicle

There comes a time in most vehicles life what the cost of keeping it maintained and on the road is beyond its book value. When this happens, it can be difficult to sell and the cost of MOT’s and advertising just makes the whole process not worth it. The natural process is to ring around several breaker yards to see what value you could get the vehicle, but often they give a set fee for every vehicle good or bad, or insist you drive it in.
An alternative option is to look at some of the disposal sites, where several buyers will ring and offer money as well as collection. an example of this service is you can visit the site here, with a simple form, you will receive phone calls from agents who operate in your area with quotes and then you just choose who you want to work with.

Be Honest When Describing Your Vehicle

It is important through to truthful about the vehicle on question. Some things that may seem important to you, can make a difference to the final sale. For example paperwork, is important, the cost of time to a breaker yard or requesting paperwork etc, may put then off buying. Often things like MOT’s make no difference to the amount offered as the vehicle is very unlikely to see a public road again, very few older vehicle are worth more on the road as the sum of its components within.
The ability to drive the vehicle on the trailer may also make a difference. yes most yards have cranes that can pick up a static vehicle, but it costs more to send one of these out and sometimes they are needed in the yard. so often vehicle that can drive up a ramp are more likely to be wanted to save time. The actual scrap value of each vehicle, may not differ that much from a metal point of view, but certain components such as engines, gearboxes can have a huge difference. There are some makes and models where there is an abundance of spares available, and quite frankly the vehicle is not worth stripping down, but others can have sought after components that breaker yards will pay good money to get hold of.

Green Issues

Chemicals and certain plastics will cost the yard money to dispose of legally in the correct manner. Not everything sourced within a vehicle can be re-used or is safe to do so. So as well as the cost of collection, there is further expense that all good dismantlers will have to pay out for, this may be reflected in the quote offered for your old vehicle.
Finally time is the essence in this trade. When offers are made, they are very likely to be final and they will just move on to the next vehicle rather than continuously ringing back with improved offers. But it is still worth the effort of a quick form, you can always say no, of the offers are what you want.