Hyundai Warning About OEM Parts

When buying most products from a shop it is normally pretty easy to determine the quality, how it was made and how much you should pay for it. But when it comes to auto components that ability to judge is not so easy, especially with sealed units and items that are cast.
hyundai i20 front badge Paris Motor show
Hyundai motors have released a news campaign to show that using low quality parts is not just about durability and length of usefulness, but can also be about saving lives. This message is not aimed at aftermarket manufacturers who are licensed to make components to a certain standard, but to those unscrupulous foreign manufacturers who sell copies of units that are in some cases designed to save your life.
The message shows 2 images from the official video below of a steering wheel airbag in action using dummies in a controlled crash situation see images here. The first Clearly see the dummy’s head hit the steering wheel, where the second image show’s how the airbag should work, protecting the face from the steering wheel.

A Clear Safety Message

The message is clear to only use genuine OEM parts, especially for areas where safety is paramount otherwise you are gambling with yours and your passengers lives. The video shows a roulette wheel as its metaphor to the problem.

Of course there is a monetary loss also. It is believed that counterfeit parts cost the industry $12 billion across the world, no short change. we have the same message here at Carsparefinder, when speaking to breaker yards ask to ensure the item is a genuine one most likely from new. the good news is it shouldn’t cost more than a new copied one.
This is a strong message from Hyundai and one that other manufacturers are likely to follow especially in light of the Takata airbag scandal.
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