Renault Recall 15000 Unsold Vehicles

Reanult Badge on Zoe

The Volkswagen emission scandal is reverberating throughout the industry to the point that Renault are also calling back 15000 of its cars for issues relating to Co2 emissions. After investigators discovered that their vehicles delivered different results on real tests to that done by Renault, they were forced to recall them and now suggest they have a solution to the misinformation. Continue reading Renault Recall 15000 Unsold Vehicles

BMW China Antitrust

Not alone in the current controversy within China,  BMW has decided to reduce the price of 2000 of its components, due to an Anti Trust Investigation from the Anti-Monopoly Bureau.  They are not the only foreign organisation being investigated amid concerns over high prices, that affect fair trading, such is the desire own a luxury Brand such as BMW in the east. Continue reading BMW China Antitrust