Is Alonso Better Than Ferrari

There is no doubt the Ferrari F1 team comes with impressive history and in Italy, the fans follow the team no matter what driver, rather than the opposite way round for the rest of the world.  Even when it comes to prize money it is alleged that Ferrari get a bigger slice of the pie, as the team is seem as essential, to the success of the F1 campaign. But in recent years, the machines produced have just not been up to the mark and even with rule changes giving them a fresh start and new personnel, they are still not delivering the wins or podiums expected from such a premium team.

Out Performed Team?

Fernando Alonso drives for Ferrari and with some controversy, as he has criticised the team for not giving him the resources needed to win races, to the point that it is rumoured he  has been told that they win and lose as a team and not to speak out publically. But the facts of the races speak for themselves. Alonso has constantly, since the beginning of his contract out performed his team mate and delivered results beyond what he has been given to drive.

It has become even more apparent this year, with Kimi raikkonen re-joining the team.  Kimi has not been able to get any great performance and the whole story makes you feel that if it weren’t for Alonso, Ferrari with all its history would be almost dead and buried at the back of the pack, rather than in the middle. they can criticise all they like, but of it weren’t for “this old fox”, they would be in a much worse position.

Key Staff Leaving

Rob Smedley left Ferrari to arrive at Williams this season and to be part of a new success story, with great podiums from “Botas” and we are expecting that win soon. I’m not suggesting Rob is 100% responsible for this, after all it is a team game. I am making the point, that there was a time where no one left Ferrari unless sacked, now the grass can be greener on the other side.
Whatever is wrong with Ferrari appears to be in the background. It has superb drivers and a huge budget, private test tracks, wind tunnels and experience from the manufacturing of its production models and it can’t keep up a private team like Williams, or a energy drinks supplier.

There is one thing we do know. Formula one constantly changes and Ferrari will be back, it’s only a question of when and who will be the key personnel.

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