It seems that many new Volvo’s have an software fault that causes the engine to shut down briefly. Volvo have already identified the issue as related to its software and is now it starting a recall of over 7000 vehicles in the UK alone. The problem is only apparent in certain diesel models such as S60, V60, XC60, V70 and XC70. Continue reading

When an “End Of Life” vehicle arrives at any breakers yard here, the normal process is to strip down all useful parts that have a re-sale value, separate the dangerous chemicals, oils, petrol and dispose them in the appropriate way, stipulated by EU regulations. Continue reading

Reanult Badge on Zoe

The Volkswagen emission scandal is reverberating throughout the industry to the point that Renault are also calling back 15000 of its cars for issues relating to Co2 emissions. After investigators discovered that their vehicles delivered different results on real tests to that done by Renault, they were forced to recall them and now suggest they have a solution to the misinformation. Continue reading

There are legal requirements in the UK as in most countries in the world to ensure the ownership of any vehicle is clear and that they adhere to the essentials to being on the road. The standard around the world seems to be a logbook (stating the specifications of the vehicle and who owns it), a MOT certificate (or proof or a regular test to ensure the car is at least roadworthy at the time of the test) Continue reading

A recent debate in Honda’s world is that of fuel economy vs safety. However it is not just Honda who have to consider this, but every car manufacturer, from vauxhall to Alfa Romeo. Continue reading

As a business operating in the breaker industry, you can imagine that a lot of the requests we receive are the result of unfortunate accidents. Its not always possible to avoid accidents, especially given the apparently increasing numbers of idiot drivers on the road, but there are some lessons to be learned from the howling mistakes of others. Continue reading

BBC’s watchdog have recently reported on customer complaints that the new Fiat 500 1.2 that has the Eu6 engine in is not only bad at going up hills, but in some cases just doesn’t make it. In order to prove the point Watchdog, found some urban hills next to potential homes and attempted to drive up them. Continue reading