Lewis and Nico Needed Talking To

According to a piece on the BBC website Toto Wolf admitted he needed to sit down with Hamilton and  Rosberg and have a tough talk. It all stems around the last race in Hungary where Lewis was asked to move over to let Nico through even though he was not close enough to pass. He refused to do so and went on to come third by such a small margin over the German driver, that had he let him by, he would have come fourth and would have lost points against his rival for the F1 championship. Bearing in mind that Lewis had fought from the pit lane to the podium, leeting his rival by would have been an even bitter pill to swallow.

No One Anticipated Catch Up

The Decision was made by the Mercedes Formula One team because Nico was on a different strategy and still needed to make one more stop. But no one anticipated that he would make up so much ground after the change of tyres and would be right on Hamilton’s gearbox on the final laps of the race.
Toto Wolfe has admitted that it would have been wrong for him to be let by in the circumstances, but stated that in future should he be in a position to pass, Lewis would not make it hard for him, providing they were on different strategies of course and not fighting like for like.


In the press area and on the interviews on the podium, where you would expect Lewis to be delighted with coming from behind to the podium, so saw a disapointed face where he clearly thought the team had issued orders to give Nico the advantage. words were clearly needed to clarify the decision and an admittance that mistakes had been made, not specifically in the request, but in the wording and possibly the time of the order.

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