Lewis Gets The Sports Personality 2014

Was anyone surprised? I wasn’t and I doubt any of the millions of views were either, even those who do not follow motor sport and had their favorites. It wasn’t just the fact he won the F1 championship, but the way it was done. we knew he had the best car in the best team, but with so many “DNFs” earlier in the season and some serious head to heads with Nico Rosberg, it really was in the balance for the last race.

Hearts and Minds

It captured the hearts of motor racing fans as well those who may have just switched on, later in the season when there was a chance that Lewis was going to win. So as it the winner is chosen by the public, this must have been a special night for the young driver, who has now stated to go for more championships and that he must be stronger again for next season.
The Sports personality was held in Glasgow, probably after this year’s commonwealth games and the potential of winners there. An exceptional glittering night that unfortunately clashed with the X Factor final, so probably did not get the audience they would have if they had chosen another night.

What Do Sportsmen/Women Think?

It’s great for those in sport to be recognized like other areas in show business, but wonder what the sportsmen really think about it, probably more used to early mornings and doing all their TV work in a track suit or sponsor riddled clothing, rather than designer suits and expensive hairstyles. It’s also worth noting that those who were in the short list, had to sit at the front of proceedings, with what looked like a single guest. Clearly more guests would have been further back, but when the moment the results were announced, it was clear that many of family members were not sitting next to them. Lewis chose to be with his brother, but his dad an Nicole were either not there or not clode to him during the announcement.