Lewis Gets Third In Hungary

If you had told Lewis Hamilton he would be on the podium in Hungary just before the race, he would have laughed, knowing he was starting from the pit lane and how hard it is to pass in Hungary. But as the race went on, there was a clear chance of winning had his tyres lasted a few more laps, so in the end Lewis appeared to be a bit down during his chat on the podium with Martin Brundle.

Team Orders

There was another issue firmly in his mind also. Whilst fighting for 2nd place, the Mercedes team asked Lewis to slow down to let his teammate and biggest rival. Nico Rosberg to pass, as he was on a different strategy. He refused, the radio message stating if Nico got near, he would let him pass, but he was not slowing down to damage his own race. this ended up being a critical decision as on the last lap, after his pit stop, Nico was there right on his gearbox, with no doubt that, if Lewis had let his pass, he would have lost his podium place, and even more championship points.
After the race the Mercedes team refused to comment, until they had talked internally. afterwards, it was stated that under the circumstances they would have to review their strategy and only under certain situations would they ask another driver to move over, as they are both fighting for the championship.

it was probably good news that this occurred just before the summer break, giving everyone tine to recharge batteries and think over the second half of the season.

Ricardo Second Win

The winner was Daniel Ricardo, who still continues to impress, this his second win, was possible from a fantastic pass from Alonso 3 laps from home. The rule changes this year, certainly has shook the teams up, with Red Bull only getting the occasional win and Vettel, just seems to have disappeared from the running, with Ricardo still outperforming him.
The changing weather caught a few out, with several crashes in the first 10 laps and an unusual mistake on Buttons car, when he stayed out on the wrong tyres in anticipation of more rain.

Another great F1 weekend, we were guessing until the end.

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