Looking At What Breakdown Cover Is

We all want to drive in around in our motors without any event of a mechanical failure. But it happens and it certainly helps if you are a member of an organisation that will visit you, where ever you breakdown, then fix what is wrong there and there, to get you back home or on your way. The service started even prior to the “Golden Age Of Motoring” with the creation of clubs of which you joined to learn more about your mechanical aspects of what you owned. The first 2 are still in a similar name present today, the AA (Automobile Club) and the RAC (Royal Automobile Club).

British Term

The term “breakdown cover” which is term primarily used in the UK, refers to an insurance policy that covers you should you need roadside assistance. The word insurance is in fact a financial product and is therefore regulated and so the relationship between the service moved closer to the financial side and further away from the motoring clubs, they were derived from. In fact the Royal Automobile Club and the RAC are now 2 different organisations. The former still survives in Pall Mall London as an exclusive club, where the RAC is a registered insurance company. Where the AAalos offers policies on types of cover, including home and travel and pet. These two remain the 2 largest companies offering a  roadside service, with Green Flag coming up as third. What is different about these, is they do not employ their own, mechanics it is in fact a network of garages though the UK, who will come to your rescue.

Types Of Service

Basic Roadside

All 3 offer this entry level service, where an engineer will visit your stricken vehicle, normally within an hour and try to fix it by the roadside. Figures vary through these organisations, but as a whole most  can be fixed this way and very few need to be towed to a local garage.


If you have issues more than around 1/2 mile from your home, the recovery service will first visit and attempt to fix these where you are. Or if it can’t be repaired, rather than towing you to a local garage, they will put the vehicle on a truck and take it, you and your passengers to any location in the UK.


None of the above will get you going if you have an issue on your drive or a close distance to where you live, The home service is an add on that can’t be bought separately and will deal with starting and other complications at your address.


Normally can be bought for a specific period of time, i.e a 2 week holiday in France, or annually. Sometimes cover can be complicated as it may be different for every country in the continent, based on what normally occurs in that country. It also could be a network of garages that answers the call.
Driver Or Vehicle

The above policies can be bought either as a named driver and so covers everything they may drive. Or the vehicle can be covered for all drivers, which could be better if families share a car.


In order to boost the average sale value there are more advanced policies that can cover train tickets, accommodation costs, legal bills to really give you peace of mind.

This is just a general guide and should not be used as advice and of course you should check each service providers website for prices and terms of conditions before any purchase.

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