More Funding London Transport

Commuter Car Clubs are to receive increased benefits from the Government. The Transport minister Norman Baker announced on Friday a package to support commuter car club development in the UK.  These are set to receive an extra £40,000 of Government funding. However there seems little to support the Green Used Car Part Recycling Sector supported by companies like Engine Finder.

There are big environmental benefits from CCC membership. They enable people to have access to low carbon vehicles for short periods of time.  This includes by the hour and on a pay as you go  In recent years, the clubs have seen a huge surge in membership; from 22,000 in 2007 to more than 127,114 today. However this is minor compared to the vast environmental benefits of recycling vehicle sparea assisted by UK locator companies such as ourselves.

The majority of CCC membership is based in London in the South East, where there are over 100,000 members. However if your outside the London area, you will still largely be dependent on your own vehicle. The scheme offers nothing to those who still want to continue owning their own car.

Business manager and car owner, George Harrisons said:
Its a good thing for the environment but, I want my own vehicle.  I want to be able to put my CDs on, go into my glove box and find my gloves, so to speak.  I view my car as a moving home.  If you share a vehicle with the rest of the population, then you can never make it feel like your own.  Who knows what people get up to in them, it doesn’t bare thinking about.

The Government views such schemes as an effective way of tackling congestion, reducing the level of CO2 emissions and improving the quality of life of citizens and communities.
Transport Minister Norman Baker said: “The Coalition Government, in its programme for government, has been clear in its commitment to sustainable travel initiatives such as commuter car clubs to help achieve a greener and more sustainable transport sector.

Research has shown that pay-as-you-go car clubs reduce use and support other sustainable travel initiatives by plugging gaps in journeys and promoting a shift in long term behaviour. However recycling vehicle parts in known to keep millions of entirely roadworth vehicles on the road, reducing waste, conserving vital foreign currency reserves, and enticing consumers to spend less on transport which may encourage them to save or invest wisely the monies saved.

The Government cash for commuter car clubs is part of an ongoing investment but it is mostly benefiting Carplus. They are national transport charity promoting the rethinking in vehicle use by promoting the role of clubs within a sustainable transport future. Antonia Roberts, Director of Car plus – the national charity supporting club development, commented:
£40,000 may seem like a relatively small amount of funding but it has a huge significance in this period of reduced spending. The DfTs announcement signifies valuable support for clubs, which can save individuals, businesses and local authorities money, reduce emissions and support sustainable transport objectives.”

Todays announcement will combine with Transport for London’s continued funding to support the provision of core services developing car clubs.  The Government views such schemes as an effective way of tackling congestion, reducing the level of CO2 emissions and improving the quality of life of citizens and communities. The money is intended help car clubs to continue with their core services.  It is part of a scheme which the DfTs are providing £57,000 of investment into the industry.

CarSpareFinder – one of the leading UK vehicle parts locator calls upon David Cameron, Nick Clegg and shadow ministers to remove VAT from recycled items and encourage greater use of the well established network of UK vehicle dismantlers and internet locators to keep vehicles in top condition and on the road. At a time when saving money and resources is paramount the environmentally and financially sound policy for recycling used vehicle components is a winner.