The 2016 F1 Season Will It Be Better

With the unveiling of most formula one teams new 2016 cars almost imminent and testing in Barcelona only a few weeks away the hype of the new season is picking up day by day. Much has happened out of season, with TV audiences down and at least 2 of the big names Red Bull and McLaren not performing, there has been a need to agree to move forward to keep F1 at the forefront of motor racing. Continue reading The 2016 F1 Season Will It Be Better

The Challenges Of Honda Back In F1

When the finical crisis hit around 2007 and Honda just failed to make an impact within F1, they decided to call it a day at the end of the 2008 season. Substantial development had gone into the new car, so Ross Brawn arranged a partial buy out of the team, renamed it after himself and with a Mercedes engine, found themselves winning the 2009 drivers championship. Continue reading The Challenges Of Honda Back In F1

Lewis Gets The Sports Personality 2014

Was anyone surprised? I wasn’t and I doubt any of the millions of views were either, even those who do not follow motor sport and had their favorites. It wasn’t just the fact he won the F1 championship, but the way it was done. we knew he had the best car in the best team, but with so many “DNFs” earlier in the season and some serious head to heads with Nico Rosberg, it really was in the balance for the last race. Continue reading Lewis Gets The Sports Personality 2014

The Suspense is Over Lewis Did It Easily

After all the worry of a “DNF” (did not finish} and the double points situation, Lewis ended up winding the World Formula One Championship pretty easily. The suspense had built up, as Mercedes openly admitted they were worried that the championship would be decided over a malfunction rather than the drivers skill. as it happens there was a failure, something to talk about later. Continue reading The Suspense is Over Lewis Did It Easily

Initial Thoughts Formula E Coverage

There has been a lot of intrigue surrounding the first all electric single seater race series with some key players like Mclaren, Renault and Williams playing a distant but important part of getting this moving. But there also has been criticism from some of the gimmicks of the racing, such as live music, vote to give your favourite driver a power boost, plus the fact these Formula E  machines still cannot go for the full 1 hour, so drivers need 2 machines to race. Continue reading Initial Thoughts Formula E Coverage

Will This Be Jenson’s Last year In F1

He is clearly one the most popular drivers on the grid, from his less selfish and team player attitude to the sport that has rarely ever delivered criticism from other teams. His ability to drive has regularly been measured as very smooth easy on the tyres and is exceptional in changing conditions to know what tyres to be on at any time. Continue reading Will This Be Jenson’s Last year In F1

How Does Bernie Do It?

There are very few controversial well known bosses as Bernie Ecclestone, who’s tough stance and ability to bring several dysfunctional motor racing teams together with TV rights, has made him a multi billionaire.  Read his biography (unofficial) you gasp what is alleged sometimes and wonder how someone with a questionable background could still be in charge of the massive business of Formula One. Continue reading How Does Bernie Do It?

Is Alonso Better Than Ferrari

There is no doubt the Ferrari F1 team comes with impressive history and in Italy, the fans follow the team no matter what driver, rather than the opposite way round for the rest of the world.  Even when it comes to prize money it is alleged that Ferrari get a bigger slice of the pie, as the team is seem as essential, to the success of the F1 campaign. Continue reading Is Alonso Better Than Ferrari

Lewis Gets Third In Hungary

If you had told Lewis Hamilton he would be on the podium in Hungary just before the race, he would have laughed, knowing he was starting from the pit lane and how hard it is to pass in Hungary. But as the race went on, there was a clear chance of winning had his tyres lasted a few more laps, so in the end Lewis appeared to be a bit down during his chat on the podium with Martin Brundle. Continue reading Lewis Gets Third In Hungary

Should The 2014 Russian F1 Race Go Ahead

Since Russia took over control of Crimea there has been whispers to whether the first Russian Grand Prix should in fact go ahead. It’s not loud shouting, teams are not publically stating they don’t want to go, probably in the hope that relations with Russia and the rest if the world improves. However, the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 allegedly by Rebels supported by Russia, is bringing the subject more to the forefront. Continue reading Should The 2014 Russian F1 Race Go Ahead