VW Knew About Emissions 1 Yr Earlier

Just when you think the VW emissions scandal couldn’t get worse it does. It has now been reported that senior mangers knew about how their vehicles cheated tests over 1 year before it was announced. This is a serious allegation which conflicts with the argument that only a few rouge engineers were aware of the rigging software. The number 0f 30 has been bandied about, there are strong beliefs that this number will rocket upwards.
red vw beetle paris motor show front badge

As Reported By Reuters

This information has been reported by Reuters the news agency stating that letters had be distributed to selected individuals at certain dates before the announcement. Of course Volkswagen declined to comment on the mater, stating the current investigation as the reason.
If these allegations turn out to be true, it will be another embarrassing blow for the company normally seen as a leader in its class with morals and standards to match.

The Legal Battle Will Go On And On

There have been legal issues with recalls and so call fixes to the problems around the world. with people and organisations outside of the motor industry lining up to take VW to court. from governments wanting unpaid Co2 emission taxes, to citizen complaining about extra nitrogen Oxide in the air. It could cost $61 billion in the USA alone, where ironically only a small proportion of the cars were sold as the USA does not embrace diesel engines like they do elsewhere in the world.
We wait to see what other allegations surface and what will be a very long story covering many legal cases.