Renault Recall 15000 Unsold Vehicles

Reanult Badge on Zoe

The Volkswagen emission scandal is reverberating throughout the industry to the point that Renault are also calling back 15000 of its cars for issues relating to Co2 emissions. After investigators discovered that their vehicles delivered different results on real tests to that done by Renault, they were forced to recall them and now suggest they have a solution to the misinformation. Share value dropped massively with the original news revealed last week, as investors worry that there will be a similar situation as VW, something Renault deny.

Filtration System Rather Than Software

There is no software or device that falsifies the results, such the VW vehicles, but there is a sufficient difference to insist of a recall. A software upgrade is offered to existing owners, to ring their vehicles into line. Suggestions are the differences appeared at certain temperatures and clearly emissions need to be consistent no matter the weather is outside. the filtration system is said to be at fault.