Safety VS Fuel Consumption

A recent debate in Honda’s world is that of fuel economy vs safety. However it is not just Honda who have to consider this, but every car manufacturer, from vauxhall to Alfa Romeo.

There are several reasons why this is important. Firstly in some countries such as Canada there is a legal limit on the fuel consumption for a car, if the fuel consumption is too low then a rebate is given, which in Canada is $1000 if under 6.5 litres per 100KM.

The most fuel efficient car on the market today (to my knowledge) is the Toyota Yaris, 999cc edition with 6.3 litres per 100KM, already breaching Canadian law.

The bigger reason for concern is the with the customer. As a youth myself you either go for two types of car within your budget and this is style or fuel efficiency and normally the two are opposites, e.g. my friend has a Chrysler Neon special edition 2.2 litre and it looks superb but it drinks petrol. My brother on the other hand has the 999cc Toyota Yaris and it does not look the part but he gets more for his money.

This becomes a problem when looking for a fuel economical car because people don’t realize that fuel efficiency is effected by several factors, from extras in the car to the weight of the car, and a lot of weight can be added with safety features such as extra airbags and supporting frames. Therefore in some context youths are looking for fuel economical yet less safe cars.

Honda claims there Honda Fit is 6.5 litres per 100km, however it does have more safety features than the Yaris including airbags all round and claim the extra weights adds litres per kilometers and without the safety features it would be as fuel efficient, but people don’t seem to pick up on this and if your looking for fuel efficiency then you would choose the Yaris, even though it only comes with driver airbag for safety features.

Vauxhall have also claimed several of there fuel economical cars have a heavier Vauxhall body part, thus increasing fuel efficiency and this was done to add security. Vauxhall also are starting to use 6 speed vauxhall gearbox’s in there cars which aim at reducing fuel efficiency.

So my message would be if your buying a car for its fuel efficiency, also consider its safety features, and you far better put up with a little less efficiency for more safety, and look into company explanations for the vehicle like the heavier vauxhall body part and newer 6 speed vauxhall gearbox since you may find there reasons convince you to buy the car.

Some facts and information from AutoBlog