The astonishing figures comes from “Public Health England”, who state that outdoor pollution is Prematurely killing 400,00 people a year and is seen as a silent killer. This is all related to the air we breathe with cars, woodburning stoves, boilers and heating systems churning out dangerous pollutants. Continue reading

The issue of retailers and unwary owners installing counterfeit airbags into their vehicles has become such an issue in the USA that the “Counterfeit Airbag Bill ” has been passed in the House Of Representatives. The Bill code named H 1476 Continue reading

We as many, promote those wanting fix up their cars themselves, saving a bit of money and keeping that brain busy. The internet can give the experience and advice with the many forums out there now and let’s not forget youtube. hardly a task has not been filed by some professional garage or amateur enthusiast that gives a visual story of how to fix that particular fault or replace that part. Continue reading

There can be some confusion when trying to figure out when you may get a fine for exceeding the speed limit, when there is evidence that others get away with it. The fact is, that even a 1 mile per hour speed above the permitted law for that stretch of road, is breaking the law and subject to a fine. But in the real world, it is extremely difficult to do as well the practical reasons to why poloce do not push for this. Continue reading

There can hardly be a more serious recall ever than this. Over 34million cars are to have their driver and/or passenger side airbags looked at after several years of legal issue has forced several big car manufacturers to take huge action. The airbags in question are manufactured by Takata and supply several car manufactures including Continue reading

It seems that Ford have abandoned their experiment in to identifying of anyone was having a heart attack at the wheel. It used electrocardiograph sensors within the seats and cameras that could have noticed any change to the driver. Continue reading

You can’t imagine a worst start for a new car being tested by a popular magazine, a total brake failure. an if this wasn’t bad enough, the replacement did the same thing. So just one day after its official UK release Suzuki suspended all sales of the Celerio until the issue can be sorted. Continue reading

Tailgating must be one of the most hated road cries out there. not only is it dangerous but it done with the mind of bullying and try to put the fear into the driver in front to move over, even when legal speeds are being adhered to. Continue reading