Scottish Independence And British Roads

Many watched the debate last night between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling discussing things such as oil, currency and NHS. But even though these are the main issues, there will be thousands of smaller challenges hidden under the surface one being what will happen to British or Scottish Roads.

Will It Affect The Law?

Let’s start with the law. Anyone who driven on the continent will know there are different driving laws out there. Speed limits are in KM and there are different laws and penalties regarding speeding and say alcohol limits. For example in Spain, they say they will prosecute even if you are driving just 1km above the speed limit and in Poland there is no alcohol allowed at all.
It goes without saying, that in time both Scotland and Britain will have different laws should the Yes vote win which may affect how we drive both parts of the border.

Taxing Question

But a key issue that’s never been talked about is road tax. Clearly each country will raise its own taxes, but what happens when we drive across the border? Europe deals with this issue by adding toll roads. It is estimated it costs 120 euro’s to drive the length of France to get to Spain. By this issue there really may be an point with UK lorry firms, who do not like the idea of Scottish firms using the roads free when they foot the bill. So there may be no passport control, but it is hard to believe that within 10 years time, there won’t be any toll booths in and out of Scotland.

Years Of Fighting

Then smaller things like VAT and registration of new vehicles. where will it be cheaper to buy one? It is a minefield that will take years to sort out and ironically it is likely that the current line up of Politian’s both fighting for their beliefs will no longer be in office when it is all sorted. so who will win? Well the NO vote is in the lead with the yes vote catching up. Which raises another question. Would it not be better with a definite landslide win either way. If there is a 60 40 split for the NO vote. Alex Sammond will not accept the vote. he will still keep plugging away, “if only we had another 3 months”. If the Yes vote wins, then Scotland will be independent and, but 40% of the people will¬† not agree with it and not be on board with the difficult decisions that are being made.
whatever they decide we wish Scotland well.

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