Seat working On Its Digital Museum

We might not be aware that much of seat’s history on car making especially as it is focuses in Spain and has only made waves n the UK over the last 10 years. But it was announced on the 11th may that the new future digital museum design will be handed over to a winning student with the best design.
This will be done with a hackathon,a 2 day very intensive event where there will be groups of ARCHITECTURE students from Spain and Germany working as hard as they can to come with a digital solution on how they should present Seat.

This is all happening over a weekend in Barcelona where groups will work then take breaks consistently within this 48 hour period, the winners will then get the chance to develop their project even further.

The Winner Is Cloud Shaped

It was announced that a combination of 3 German universities completed the project to the specification that seat had left them The idea is a cloud that will travel and then stop over certain cities of the world, giving this an international feel.
The teams can go away and develop this further, but you can be sure it will include different ranges of cars past and present and their parts within. It is hoped the future museum will be open September.

It may be surprising that Seat have been making cars since 1950 but of course it was when the VAG group took them over and starting sharing parts and components that the firm finally took off to the level it is at now, especially in the UK.

Carbuyer gave the Seat Leon the best family car award earlier this year as well as the overall brand of Seat winning the best fleet dealer sales network in Expertey awards. So there is no slowing them down and maybe this museum is a way to shout about it a bit more.