Should we limit car speeds

A big debate at the moment is whether or not we should limit the top speed of driving. We all know family and small hatchbacks such as the Vauxhall Corsa or the Renault Cleo have good speeds, good fuel economy etc. However some sportier versions like the vauxhall vxr8 have 2 things they are concerned with: looks and power.

I love the vauxhall vxr8 however it does come with a 6 litre v8 vauxhall engine, which top speed will almost triple the speed limit. Also the 6 litre vauxhall engine will drink petrol compared to a family hatchback. The vauxhall vxr8 also comes with other components such as a vauxhall gearbox in either automatic or 6 speeds to help reach these high speeds.

If the limit was to be put into place the top vehicles would still have umph e.g. 0 – 60 in 4.9 seconds, but only up to the limit and in many peoples eyes this makes it pointless to own since you cant fully flex its muscles. Im not sure about the limit since sometimes to escape a problem (for example a drunk lorry driver swaying) you need that extra few miles an hour to avoid disaster. Now there are several ways to do this, firstly make the limit above the speed limit but under deadly speeds, for example 90MPH or secondly make it annoying to go over the limit, e.g. a alarm sounds. This would mean you can go over the limit in times of crisis but you wont do it on a daily basis.

I personally hate drivers on the motorway who do 100MPH, mainly because i will be overtaking someone doing 60 or 70 MPH on the motorway, however my vehicle can only do 80MPH since it is old and only a 1 litre, thus a 100MPH car zooms upto my car and gives me about 1/4 second gap between me and their car, thus becoming dangerous.

So in many ways i think it should be limited to a decent amount, but not the speed limit.

Of course those who want to break the limit will find a way to since if technology is in place to limit a engine, you can undo it and many backstreet garages will offer this service for a nice sum of money since were there is a will there is a way.