So Scotland Decided Well Sort Of

It was a historic day with a unprecedented turn out, but Scotland did eventually speak after 2 years of campaigning and the eventual decision was to stay within the “Union”. But the date that was supposed to end the arguments has just added more that will go for years to come.
At the eleventh hour of the campaign all main British parties came together and promised more powers to Hollyrood and many believe this was the winning formula. But that has left many areas of England reeling to why the Scots are being offered more than themselves and now a huge debate about giving more local control has started.

Where Do You Live?

So we could be on the verge of having a multi-law society with rules and taxes being different depending on where you live on our small island. The arguments have not been brought up on the subject of motoring yet or roads, but there is no doubt everyone will want a say, and those passionate about this sector will want to contribute.
On a national basis, money received through taxes is shared out depending on what party is in control and what their mandate is and values. If those values are removed from central government, it could mean that more money is spent on welfare in some areas, reducing the amount spent on roads for example, if that local area decided it was more important to them.

News and Debate

The word “could” will be used over and over again throughout all TV news and debate programmes. This creates uncertainty and confusion until this all settles down from every subject under the sun and probably from everyone.

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