Steed’s Jaguar, New Avengers For Sale

According to the BBC, it may not go for very much, even as low as £10,000 and when you see the pictures, you can tell why. But to truthful, 80% of that price is the fact it starred alongside Patrick Macnee in the 1976 adventure TV series the New Avengers. The first series was a semi hit, but the second mainly shot in Canada did not press the right buttons for the British TV audience and was probably out of sync with the times.
The Jaguar XJ12 C is instantly recognisable, because if its flared wheel arches and wide wheels, copying a certain race car of the time. The media are talking about what you could do with the vehicle, but history will show us that the most likely new home will be a motor museum, potentially one that specialises in “on screen vehicles”.

Can’t see it going abroad though, as The New Avengers was very British, also starring Gareth Hunt and the lovely Joanna Lumley. The Auction takes place on the 18th October and is getting plenty of free press and is being publicised as a “barn find”, although I am sure the current owners always knew what it was and where it as being stored.