Tailgating Small Improvement Spot Fines

Tailgating must be one of the most hated road cries out there. not only is it dangerous but it done with the mind of bullying and try to put the fear into the driver in front to move over, even when legal speeds are being adhered to.

Some Change After New Laws

According to the AA, just under a third of drivers state they drive in a different way since new laws came to affect last year, allowing the police to issue a fixed fine penalty if they see the minor offence of tailgating taking place. But you do not need to be good at maths to figure out that over 2 thirds, still are continuing with this bad habit. although this is a step in the right direction, it is not tackling those without a conscience and the drivers who are the most likely to cause a collision or fear on the roads.
The challenge for police is they need to be there and witness the crime before they can pull any driver over, and the incident needs to happen for a period of time, to be classed as tailgating rather than just a moment of close driving. Any switched on driver, knows what he/she is doing and will constantly scanning the roads for anything that resembles a squad vehicle.

Assets And Video Equiment

So the biggest asset the police have got is powerful unmarked vehicles with video equipment on board that can record what has occurred and then play it back to the suspect when they have been apprehended. But unlike speed cameras, this is a hugely expensive process, with manpower and equipment, so of course not every road is going to be patrolled all the time, if even regularly.  There is more likely to be hot spots, where the police focus on, something drivers will quickly recognise and adapt whilst in certain areas.
What could be a good idea, is these onboard cameras designed to record the last 30 minutes of your journey, just in case you have an accident and need video evidence. An idea could be to reverse the camera and have them pointing rear-wards, especially capturing the licence plate of the car tailgating. then video footage could uploaded to a police site and let them do the rest.

More Speed Does Not Mean Faster

Research has proven that higher speeds and tailgating only saves a small amount of time against driving normally. There is a reason why the forces stick to slower speeds as they believe in the end, the time lost is negligible against the issue that arise from rushing. So it appears we have moved forward with spot fines, just not far enough to keep most of us safer and happier on the UK roads.

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