Telsa Roadster – store addition

If your worried about the environment and are worried that we are going to run out of petrol before you die then this article is for you. A company called Telsa have been working on a mass produced electric sports car. yes thats right it works off solar power and you have to charge it up in solar stations, however no petrol needed that means clean fuel and why its included in the ‘car parts store’

I read about the telsa on ‘The racing geek’ blog by a person who has test driven one of these and this post is based on his post.

Firstly the Telsa is based on the lotus Elise chassis and resembles the vauxhall vx200, however the chassis has been modified to enable 100% electrical powered vehicle by inserting a electrical power train. The power train is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Instead of building the technology from scratch they used existing technology and added onto it, for example it is powered by the popular lithium batteries which are in items such as ipods, xbox 360 controllers etc. Obviously the batteries are more powerful and cooling them is a priority but they are rechargeable.

The impressive thing about the vehicle is that it can produce 248bhp and 200 ft/lbs of torque and remember no fuel is needed. This is nt as much as the v6 vauxhall engine (for more information on the v6 vauxhall engine visit the vauxhall site), but as with new technology will only improve and still enables 0-60MPH in 4 seconds. On one charge you can do around 250 miles and also added in there is very little CO2 emissions and no maintenance (only changing the oil every 3 to4 years). Also impressive is the lack of parts since its all electric. You have your obvious components such as tyres, chassis and seats but you don’t have loads of moving parts in the engine and so forth so less components means less maintenance overall.

The car only has 2 forward gears in its car gearbox, first will take you to 70 MPH and second will take you up to 130 MPH, and obviously there is a reverse.

This vehicle has been designed by some of the top people in the industry and thus some of the chassis modification don’t just accommodate the power train but also improve it, such as lowered sides to increase livability. Other improvements over the Lotus Elise include increased performance.

So with all this in mind what are its drawbacks, well firstly the price is a steep 90,000 GBP, so the average Joe can forget it, its a dream for the rich. (we can all dream right?). Obviously the lack of recharging stations means if you run out of energy your in trouble, a second car might be needed to do long runs.

For some impressive images see ‘the racing geek’ blog

Telsa Roadster – store addition