The 2016 F1 Season Will It Be Better

With the unveiling of most formula one teams new 2016 cars almost imminent and testing in Barcelona only a few weeks away the hype of the new season is picking up day by day. Much has happened out of season, with TV audiences down and at least 2 of the big names Red Bull and McLaren not performing, there has been a need to agree to move forward to keep F1 at the forefront of motor racing.

Agreed Engine Deal

One of the most important decisions is an agreement to the cost of using customer engines. Red Bull found itself in the situation where no competitive engine supplier would let them have an engine for 2016, plus many of the team at the back of the grid just cannot afford to buy the Mercedes of Ferrari power plants. This gave the engine suppliers, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault a huge amount of power of who they could sell too and what price and even what version of engine. This agreement takes away some of that power and brings the cost down to just over 7m dollars a year. They have also agreed to keep the current engines in place for a few more seasons, to keep costs down and give more time for development.

Where Is The Decision Making Power In F1

Another large discussion has been about Bernie Ecclestone’s power over the sport and has it been diminished? The F1 teams have the ability to contribute to the sports development and the issues over engines have been challenged by suppliers like Ferrari, who do not want to assist the competition. It has been apparent that the sport is been driven more by the powerful teams and less by Ecclestone and Jean Todd, at a time when the sport needs to be revitalized.
The big car manufacturers need to feel a benefit from being within Formula One and the branding and publicity alone may not be enough. The technology development can also have a big value, but the previous engine set up did not match the times, the current small engine and recovery systems relate more to modern productions cars.

Driver Line Ups

Many weren’t expecting Jenson Button back this season and maybe a holiday for Alonso but at the moment both are the main drivers for Mclaren. This originally meant that Magnussen from Denmark would not be signed, but it seems that Renault may be signing the driver as Maldonado appears to have not raised the required sponsorship for his drive, such is the times in Formula one
Of course Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will go into 2016 with Mercedes, Lewis as third time champion, is likely to have his hardest year against Nico. Sebastian Vettal remains in Ferrari, with what s expected to be an even faster car than last year, Raikkonen kept his drive after much speculation.

Haas The New Team

At last a new F1 team will be on the grid with a big history in Indy Car. This is seen as a second Ferrari team, as so many of the parts come from them with Romain Grosjean and Esteban Guteirrez who are experienced drivers propbably gives than one of the best starts a new team could get.