The Double Points Fiasco

There was some limited disagreement about the last race having double points, but now we are here at that point, pretty much everyone but Nico Rosberg, wonders why we ever allowed it to happen in the first place. Even though Lewis Hamilton has won many more races than Nico, the double point scenario states that Lewis will have to finish at least 2nd still to win the championship and if he has a technical issue, the championship will be handed to Nico on a plate. Even those who do not favour the Englishman, would see this as an unfair result.
Bernie Ecclestone states that he wanted the last 3 races all to be double points, but this would have produced potentially and even worse scenario, where the races at the beginning of the season have so little value. It would be unlikely that any driver would have the 150 points advantage needed to ride the last 3 races safely. Teams would just put all their effort into the last 3 races, saving engines cutting short races, saving aero packages etc, depriving the fans of fair racing throughout the whole season.

Would It Be Deserved?

Of course we are sure Nico wants to win, but if he does under these circumstances, very few people outside of Germany would see this as fully deserved, and it would damage his world wide appeal as a great driver.  No-one doubts his ability and on a different season, could win the championship, but as we stand here on 2014, Lewis should only be looking for 8 point a finish around 6th, not the second place. There is little doubt that should both cars not have a failure, only a error by Lewis should prevent his position, as in  Abu Dhabi there is almost guaranteed weather conditions and has a reputation for being more of a procession rather than a true race.
Roll on next weekend and let’s hope this decision is not the laughing stock of those who do not follow F1 and the disgust of those who do.