The history of vauxhall

Vauxhall Motors is a UK firm and is a sub company of General Motors (the largest automaker company in the world) Wilson Alexander started the company in 1856 in London but he did not do cars then, more iron works and it was not until the early 1900 when the first vauxhall car was built with 5 hp car engine, 2 gears (no reverse) and more like the Flintstones car. Image the car parts here, i image giant screws and a turning knobs.

The company (known as ‘Vauxhall Iron Works brand’) moved to luton in the early 1900 to increase production which lasted till 1907 when it was renamed vauxhall motors in which the. It became a leading brand know for its sport models. when the 1st world war hit they went practice with austere models. Even now they were becoming known for they vauxhall parts and their quality

The first big buy out was in 1925 when vauxhall bought General Motors for 2.5 million USD, and from now on would be more American based car designs. When world war 2 hit production stopped to work on tanks (over 5500 tanks built in the second world war by vauxhall). After the war vauxhall was back in production and became one of the worlds leading brands. When competition got greater vauxhall became renound for making models which developed rust, which was a hard reputation to shake and bad for production and hindered the company until the 1980’s.

Opel (a German company) was becoming a strong competitor and brought out many successfully designs such as the Kadett, and some Vauxhall models were actually clones of Opels models and to some extent Vauxhall based on Opel (Opel is owned by the General Motors company…confused yet).

The Luton plant closed early this century (2000) and despite Vauxhall already meeting efficiency targets, Vauxhall has been told to further improve its productivity.

Open and Vauxhall still are produced together and sold to different markets, but in essence are the same company and vauxhall as mentioned in my previous posts are now winning car of the year awards left right and center, and why not since they produce one of the finest quality vehicles around.

facts from a article by Dana at