Jeremy Clarkson Incident Still Ongoing

So we are in the second week of top news “Should Jezzer be sacked” or is he just worth too much to the BBC? Was this a serious incident or just a “storm in Tea Cup? what we do know is that there was physical contact and there was a long period of serious insults from the main Top Gear Presenter.
He was then suspended and the remaining 3 episodes of this series of Top gear pulled from air when both co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond refused to present the programme without him. As we wondered why the producer had waited a few days to report the incident, we then found out he hadn’t. Jeremy had himself made the call to the BBC to explain what had occurred.

We know he was on a final warning, albeit for what comes out of his mouth rather than anything physical, what followed was something no-one could have predicted. That was a petition that now has over 1 million signatures to re-instate Jeremy, something rarely seen even for more serious campaigns. As we wait t find out if he will be sacked or to be more accurate his contract not to be re-newed, the press is ripe with what will happen f they make that final decision.

Why So Many People Signed The Petition?

Of course we can’t ask them al personally but you have to feel it goes beyond the show itself. Apart from those who feel that maybe he had a point that hot food should have been put on for him, there are others who think this really is nothing but a storm in a tea cup and if t had happened at any commercial TV station, nothing would have come from it. Both Jeremy and victim (producer) would have been put together and been asked to sort it out between them, and that would have been that. For those who suggest that it is the licence fee that pays Jeremy wages are very quickly reminded that he s one for the few presenters that actually brings money into the BBC to the point of at least 50 million pounds a year (some say up to £150m a year), so not one penny of yours or my money is used for his wages.

Already On A Warning

Then there is the reason for him being given his final warning. A video came to light of Jezzer using the “N” racist word during a nursery rhyme tying to choose between 2 vehicles. This footage was never broadcast but someone thought it worthy of being pushed out there. The BBC needed to be seen to do something, and so we saw Jeremy apologising, stating he hated that word ad never even realised he had said it at the time. There is clear evidence that the majority of people believed his apology that there never was any intent to cause offense.

What Are The Costs To The BBC

Top Gear is an astonishing profitable show, that is broadcast over 200 countries across the world. So the £50m to £150m it will lose should they remove Jeremy (as it almost certain both James and Richard would follow), would make a big hole in their finances to the point that almost certainly involve job losses and a potential TV licence hike. To compound the issue, being free of a contract means Jeremy and co presenters, would just go to a commercial TV station, demand more money and a similar show would be on our TV screens taking even more viewers from the BBC. So do they do what is Morally right, or what is commercially right? This is a huge challenge for a state owned broadcaster working in a commercial environment.

Whatever they decide, there will be complaints. Those who believe no single person should be bigger than the BBC and they should do what is right, no matter what the circumstances. And other who believe this is not a serious issue anyway and far better it remains at the BBC than moving over to another station.