The Need for Online Positivity

There Is much debate about the pros and cons of the internet. The recent advertising campaign of one of the worlds most renowned ISPs, AOL, was based around just that the benefits the net brings to modern life, and its polar dark side.
It would be naive to suggest that the web doesn’t have its problems. Its common knowledge that unscrupulous individuals do indeed occasionally exploit the web to their own advantage.

<h2>The Web And Convenience</h2>

Nevertheless, for every negative portrayal of the internet, there are a hundred success stories. The problem is, bad news is more saleable than good, and so the media is filled with tales of doom and gloom. The good stuff is resigned to the newspaper editors recycle bin, and never heard of again.

What is not documented often enough is the unprecedented convenience the web brings. You can now do your weekly shopping online, check your bank balance or book a cut-price holiday. There are so many web based services that go against the grain of todays hectic modern society, making things quicker, easier and much less exhaustive.

And thats exactly what were doing at CarSpareFinder. We provide a service which provides great value to two very different sets of customer; the consumer and the breaker. Each has very different needs, but the needs of both must be met in order to stage a successful business.

<h2>Our CarSpareFinder Objectives</h2>

When we began working on CarSpareFinder, almost a year ago, we wanted to achieve two things.


  1. To provide customers with the ability to quickly and easily locate spare parts (Even those that are notoriously difficult to find) and purchase them for the best price possible.
  2. To provide car breakers with a steady flow of potential customers. In essence, doing their own marketing for them.

Ultimately, despite their differing requirements, the objective is the same for both consumers and breakers. The objective: to save time and money. Its quite simple we offer consumers a choice of quotes to choose from, and put the business on a place for breakers. And it couldnt be easier.

It is, even if I say so myself, a wonderful service. That isnt just my own opinion; its confirmed on a daily basis by all of the positive feedback we receive.

<h2>A Platform For Innovation</h2>

Its taken off in a way even we couldnt have predicted, but thats the beauty of the internet. It allows passionate, hard working individuals like ourselves to make headway without being suffocated by the corporate machine. In just a few months, weve gone from inception to a highly successful, fast growing, innovative, online business.

The press need to take note. The internet offers a fantastic platform for enterprise and innovation. New, web-based ideas are constantly making the lives of the general public easier. And behind these ideas are genuine people, with genuine intentions offering a genuine service.

CarSpareFinder. Remember the name.