The New Fiat 500 1.2 Doesn’t Do Hills

BBC’s watchdog have recently reported on customer complaints that the new Fiat 500 1.2 that has the Eu6 engine in is not only bad at going up hills, but in some cases just doesn’t make it. In order to prove the point Watchdog, found some urban hills next to potential homes and attempted to drive up them. The results does not make for good watching, not only did the car struggle, but almost came to a stop.


To dramatise the point they even employed the “Stig” to drive it and the same thing occurred. At first Fiat denied there was anything wrong quoting that only a very small amount of customers had contacted them about the issue, but after Watchdog had aired the 2 episodes and showing quite clearly the weaknesses on the new tuned engine, they have promised a new software update, that will be available free of charge in the future.

Fuel Efficiency

It is believed the issue is caused by tuning the engine to an extremely efficient fuel saving level, reducing Co2 levels to meet Eu standards and of course commercial pressures. There is no doubt that the programme may have put people off buying this particular model. It’s fair to say that other versions of the Fiat 500 do not have this issue, nor do older EU5 versions.
The programmes went on early November 2014, at the time of writing this, the new software is still not available. Extra testing may be going on, to ensure it is right when it is released.