Parts Breaker Yards Don’t Usually Sell

When an “End Of Life” vehicle arrives at any breakers yard, the normal process is to strip down all useful parts that have a re-sale value, separate the dangerous chemicals, oils, petrol and dispose them in the appropriate way, stipulated by EU regulations. Glass and plastic are also separated, and most metal can then be weighed in for to be recycled.
What is left however are parts that are not normally sold in a used condition, here is a sample.

Brake Pipes And Pads

The copper tubing and rubber hose pipes that are used to transfer brake fluid to the relevant cylinders, should not be reused on a different car. As well as this, the time to strip down these pipes, repackage and end out to a customer would in most cases be more expensive than buying new anyway. The actual brake pads normally wear evenly across front and rear wheels, but often pads wear to the shape of the discs and should not be reused. The cost of these new, again makes re-using these a false economy as well as a dangerous one.

Car Batteries

For customers visiting the yard, batteries that have been tested are likely to be re-old to be used on another vehicle. But when an order is placed through an online system, or by telephone, very few breakers will sell them. The reason is the difficulty of getting a courier to deliver used versions of these types of items. some will deliver new batteries where they are still packaged in a way that make them safe.

Wiper Blades

This is simply a cost issue. The labour charge of removing from the vehicle, packaging them and then posting would typically be higher than just buying new.

Bottom Sills

The metal sills that run along the bottom of a vehicle are typically welded in place. It is almost impossible to remove these using cutting gear or welding gear. As they are reasonably cheap to buy new in most cases these will be resold.

The Three Quarter Panel

Located at the rear of the car, both left and right hand above the rear wheel, is where the three quarter panels are located. These are always robot machine welded into place. The only way to remove would be to use cutting tools to cut them both away. Clearly this is a skilled job and would take a certain amount of labour to do so. There would be no guarantee that the panels would retain their shape, so again buying these new is likely to be the best option.

Door Posts

These are normally located in between the front and rear doors, where the lock mechanism of the front door would be located on one side and the hinge mechanism of the rear door would le positioned on the other side. To remove theses from the vehicle, very thin cutting discs would need to be used and would take some time, to be done to a high level. Again it is unlikely that a breaker yard would want to invest the time tools and expertise, based on the financial reward of selling.
Other items may be singled out differently at different yards. such a windscreens, full bodyshells, tyres etc. All based on the expertise of the staff and the ability to ship out safely