The Quiet Success IN Teesside

Teesside is not always seem as the UK’s strongest point of manufacturing anymore and even less so on Redcar where there its main steel employer opens and closes factories every few years. But there is one very quite success story. That is ElringKlinger who make car parts for Ford, Jaguar Landrover, BMW, Honda.

It is its growth over recent years that make this manufacturer just a little bit special. They have gone from 80 employees to 220 since 2009 and turnover has also risen significantly over this time from £8.5m to over £30m

The types of car parts they make are gaskets and heat shields but Ian Malcolm from ElringKlinger is keen to stipulate they don’t make anything there they do not also make at their other factories within Europe.

Redcar is an unlikely location for such an operation with really only Nissan in Sunderland as local and other British based manufactures in the Midlands, Scotland and South. So much of what is produced is exported to Europe, there is a concern to whether the German owners would still run the firm should the UK leave the EU.
Just like buying a car the brand of the part is important. That is where much of ElringKlinger success lies, in ensuring that every part is of the highest quality so the manufacturer can make reliable and safe motor cars.

Credit has to given to its workforce to deliver the standard required and let’s hope they keep growing and bring more success to Teesside.