The Suspense is Over Lewis Did It Easily

After all the worry of a “DNF” (did not finish} and the double points situation, Lewis ended up winding the World Formula One Championship pretty easily. The suspense had built up, as Mercedes openly admitted they were worried that the championship would be decided over a malfunction rather than the drivers skill. as it happens there was a failure, something to talk about later.

The preparations were more tense than normal. as in previous seasons the winner had been decide by now. It had been compounded by the fact, that once again Nico Rosberg got pole position, something that has not been clarified yet, is whether he is just better at it, or both drivers have their cars set up differently. One for the qualifying and the other for the race.

The Starting Line

But Lewis and his fans need not have worried, because as the fifth red light went out he stormed ahead and by the first corner, was at least a cars length in front of Nico. In short, this was a poistion that Nico would never recover adn although he kept with 3 seconds of Lewis for the first half of the race, he as never in a place that would see him overcome the crown.
Then back luck hit Nico, his recovery system failed meaning he lost around 160 horse power and then gradually fell further and further back. He asked his crew if there was anything they could do to keep home above position 6, where is Lewis was to have a DNF hw would still win the championship, the reply over the radio was very clear, it didn’t look good.

Retire Or Not?

Eventually the radio call came in for Nico to retire, there were too many things wrong with his car, where he replied he would rather finish the race, which he did in 14th place. Nico may have lost the championship, but he has regained a lot of respect for finishing the race and then without any prompting went up to see Lewis (room before the podium) to wish him well and congratulate him. the further comments stated, even in defeat he thought the best driver won and that Lewis deserved it. Even more respect.


A few concerns from Lewis during the race as Massa was gaining and he did not want the team to turn up the engine, in case he also had a failure, but he crossed the line well ahead to the applause of the crowd. A few doughnuts later and what looked like a planned drive with the Union Jack, reminiscent of Nigel Mansel winning the title back in the 80’s, he returned to the paddock.
Many moments of pause happened where it was clear he was crying, his father, Nicole and family were below (even though the plan was for them to stay at home). He stood out on the podium as the new world champion.

Photo Memories

Further great photo opportunities followed with Lewis with the team draped in the union jack. We wait for next year, which can only be harder as Nico will learn and come back fighting. But for now, we British can savour another; in the words of Price Harry who was also there ” A Legend”.