The Takata Airbag Recall

There can hardly be a more serious recall ever than this. Over 34million cars are to have their driver and/or passenger side airbags looked at after several years of legal issue has forced several big car manufacturers to take huge action. The airbags in question are manufactured by Takata and supply several car manufactures including BMW, Fiat, Ford, Vauxhall, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota which is the brand that has had the worst negative PR from all this.

It is all still quite complicated, because not all cars in a specific year or model is affected and there needs to be Vehicle Identification Number check to see if your vehicle is one of those needing to be repaired. the website has been set up to help identify cars, but the huge scale of this lasted recall may mean that the data will not be updated for some time. So this is case of keep checking for until sure.

It is also not the case that if you have a faulty driver’s side airbag the passengers will be dangerous too, or vice versa. Clearly parts were assembled together and there may have been more than one variant available at the time of manufacturer.

Legal Stuff For Years

Because of recent USA courts cases suggesting that at least 6 deaths were caused due t faulty airbags, has put big car makers on tender hooks, to make sure there are no more, so it is still not clear how dangerous these are and why we can still drive our cars around until the recall is complete. In better words how many of these recalls are just to check the bags are safe and how many to replace faulty ones?

Te fault appears to lie around humidity where a vehicle has been subject to it for several years. But even this is not an exact science as different models deal with the weather differently and of course or weather system is anything but regular.

Are The Headlines Correct?

The media are writing their press releases as if the airbags are responsible for the deaths rather than did not offer the protection in that they have not done the job they were designed to do in accident. It may add up to the same thing, if your family is victim to this, but from a legal point of view, it is the accident that caused the death and there is no legal documentation that these airbags will save your life.

Are Breaker Yards Still Selling These Parts

What hasn’t been reported is how many cars have airbags that were not supplied with the car new. The used car part market sells many airbag kits every year, from what could have been a recalled vehicle, but not fitted to a different year or model, that is not part of the list.
What restrictions have breaker yards been given to ensure none of these are sold from these vehicles? If there has been instruction, it has not been out there publicly to warn DIY car fixers and the public in general.