Top Gear Is Back With Lego

This Sunday sees the return of Top Gear which is had an unusual long break between series, but is set to give us more episodes this time. The promotion started with a clip of the boys, done with Lego, that by now has had over 5 million viewers even though it’s not quite as funny as all the media suggest it is.

Worldwide Popularity

It shouldn’t be surprising Top Gear has become one the biggest cash cows for the BBC, when it is broadcast on so many countries, it is probably easier to state the areas it is not broadcasted in. Of course it helps when it is on the Worldwide service. The world has tried to copy the format, there is even a Chinese Top gear now and of course the USA version, but none seem to have the wit or extremely good editing the British original offers.

Clarkson Leaving

So it was a surprise to find out the our Jeremy (the big one) is leaving the show. The truth is, if it were to happen we assumed it would have been at the BBC’s insistence, as he has been in trouble more than once (a bit of an understatement). But no, it is his choice and he writes about it on the BBC website his reasons why. Do I believe him? I don’t know to be honest, he does own part of the show, so he still we be indirectly part of it and will write for the magazine, but there is a part of me that wonders that he is just laying low for a while before he makes a comeback in a few years time.

Going Before He Is Pushed?

Let’s be honest we do love most of his mistakes, even if they upset some of the world, but occasionally there is this fine line that just about gets crossed, depending on your opinion. The recent road trip to Argentina may have been a wakeup call, when it was assumed he had chosen a certain number plate, that ended up in his team having to leave the country quickly. His inability to convince the world this was a coincidence may have played a part on the decision to leave and clearly the perception of Jeremy Clarkson was as much of a liability than a asset to the show now.

Anyway, you can’t deny that millions of viewers will watch this Sunday and they will miss him on his departure one assumes after this series.